Episode #002: Now on soundcloud.

For you social types, episode #002 is now up on soundcloud. Listen and talk back with time synced comments….


Karaoke or Death: A baby bird dies and you will cheer when it happens

Karaoke is stressful enough as it is. The public singing and the stage lights on you and all. But imagine your life being on the line: Karaoke…or Death?

If you’re a baby bird in the Australian Superb Fairy-Wren’s nest, that’s just the predicament you’d be in. It’s a sing or die scenario. Once sour note, and dinner’s canceled.

Rolling Camera On a Rollover: Video recording of your own death…good or bad?

In this video, a friend and I are skimming along the sandy bed of the Platte River in central Nebraska. Then, the unthinkable happens.

We’re in one of those ATVs — all terrain vehicles — that have two seats side-by-side. My friend steps on the gas and we’re zipping along. Warm sun, the wind in your hair, kicking up dust, shouting to each other over the buzz of the engine. Then out of nowhere….

Suddenly… by some unexpected quirk of physics…. we roll over. There’s a second where we realize we’re about to lose control. Then the passenger side I’m sitting on hurls into the ground, we’re spun around like socks in a dryer, and we slam to a stop in a rain of sand and gravel.

Three Fools, a Giant, and the Road: Recollection of a time when I almost died

The leftover green hunk of Korean War metal has no business in the desert. And I have no business driving it.

The two and a half ton army surplus truck is two and a half times my age. Some fool thought it was a good idea to strap a giant plastic tank on the back of the bulky green giant and use it to haul water. Some other fool figured it would be perfect for dragging water over a stubborn track called Bloody Basin Road. And a third fool handed me the keys.

Calvin & Hobbes creator leaves us clamoring with cartoon colaboration

Remember Calvin and Hobbes? Of course you do. The all-time-great comic strip ran for a glorious decade before riding off into the sunset in 1995. Too soon.

Since his departure from the funny papers, creator Bill Watterson has been almost as famous for his reclusiveness a he is for his deceptively deep doodles. He’s been called “the bigfoot of cartooning.”

But, there was a Watterson sighting recently. Three of them, actually.

Where are Dads going on Father’s Day? (Hint: It’s not church.)

Dads and their families do a lot of things to celebrate Father’s Day – cookout, watch sports, pretend to like that new necktie. But one activity that apparently isn’t on the list? Go to church.

Lifeway – the publishing arm of the Southern Baptist denomination – polled their pastors to find out church attendance numbers for US holidays. The usual suspects, Christmas and Easter topped the list of best attended Sundays. Mother’s Day came in third – a little bit of a surprise… to me anyway.

Guess which holiday came in dead last in the pastors poll?

Go Fever: The Challenger Shuttle Disaster and Why You Might Want to Start Imagining Your Future Failures

Ever heard of “go fever?” It’s what happens when you get so focused on achieving a goal and so confident you can do it that you stubbornly press on when all the signs say “stop.”

The term comes from NASA and the days leading up to the Challenger shuttle disaster. Engineers told NASA officials that a freak cold snap the night before the launch would likely compromise critical rubber o-rings used to protect the shuttle from blazing hot rocket exhaust.

But they’d never lost an astronaut. And even when things went horribly wrong with Apollo 13, they’d managed to overcome the problem. So, NASA ignored the warnings. NASA had a launch date in mind and they determined to meet it. NASA had go fever.