Where are Dads going on Father’s Day? (Hint: It’s not church.)

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Dads and their families do a lot of things to celebrate Father’s Day – cookout, watch sports, pretend to like that new necktie. But one activity that apparently isn’t on the list? Go to church.

Lifeway – the publishing arm of the Southern Baptist denomination – polled their pastors to find out church attendance numbers for US holidays. The usual suspects, Christmas and Easter topped the list of best attended Sundays. Mother’s Day came in third – a little bit of a surprise… to me anyway.

Guess which holiday came in dead last in the pastors poll? Yep, Father’s Day. Ranked behind illustrious church holidays like “4th of July” and “Homecoming.” Homecoming. Is that a thing? Do you go to church for Homecoming?

Anyway, when it comes to the day Dad’s in the driver seat, families are steering clear of church. I guess dads really do just want to stay home and watch the game, right?

Well, not so fast. According to the National Restaurant Association, Father’s Day is a big deal for dining out. In fact, it’s typically the third busiest restaurant day of the year.

When Mom’s calling the shots, she makes sure the family packs in the pews but it seems a lot of dads would rather skip it and beat the lunch rush. Kind of makes you wonder what’s missing in the church’s recipe.


Source: http://stickyhouse.net/2014/03/fathers-day-last-in-church-attendance/

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