Episode #001: Go Fever, Father’s Day Church Attendance and the Cartoon Bigfoot


On this episode of Elevator:

What the NASA Challenger disaster can teach us about failure and a handy method for predicting future failures. Where Dads are going on Father’s Day (hint, it’s not church). And a rare sighting of Calvin and Hobbs creator Bill Watterson.



Go Fever: More links, transcript  & Challenger disaster video

Father’s Day Church Attendance: Transcript and links to the research

Bill Watterson: Transcript and story links


Music featured on the show:

“Sad Saz” by Podington Bear (http://podingtonbear.com/)
“The Devil is a Sad Spirit” by James Beaudreau (http://www.workbenchrecordings.com/)
“Sad Cyclops” by Podington Bear (http://podingtonbear.com/)
“Lumen Arcanum” by Jonah Dempcy (http://www.cheshiremusic.net)
“The Afterlife (Instrumental)” by YACHT (http://teamyacht.com/)
“Effects of Elevation” by Revolution Void (http://www.revolutionvoid.com)



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